Aoraki Western Riding Club


To promote, foster and encourage excellent horsemanship

To support and promote western riding

Encourage equine partnership, friendship and fun

To promote, foster and encourage excellent horsemanship

To support and promote western riding

Encourage equine partnership, friendship and fun

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of riders (from younger to older) who have joined together out of a love for our horses, for western riding, for friendship and for learning more about horsemanship. We are affiliated with the NZWRF and are incorporated.

We have a wide variety of interests.... western riding, trekking, cowboy challenge, natural horsemanship, rodeo sports (roping and barrel racing), western pleasure, reining, games, cutting, instruction/clinics, NZWRF showing, etc. etc. etc. But it all comes down to having fun with our horses, having fun with our friends (old & new) and having fun while learning more about western riding and horsemanship. Some members are soundly ‘English’ and have been known to not own or have ever ridden western… and we love them just the same!


What We Do

We all work together...each member contributing his or her knowledge to promote and encourage all aspects of western riding and horsemanship in the Aoraki Region (which is in the Central South Island of New Zealand). We do this in a few different ways.... We have a Club Day at our Club Grounds (the Orari Equestrian Centre) on the first Sunday of the month from 10am. We also organize other Club Events throughout the year. We provide the opportunity to make incredible friendships and networks with other members so that we are all able to learn from those more knowledgeable than us in a particular area, and likewise, to share our specialized knowledge with others. And we also provide many other member benefits (see below). We encourage every member to attend all of the club meetings and club events. It takes a lot of people’s involvement to make a club like the AWRC function and we welcome everyone’s input, ideas, help and participation. We never want anyone to feel like they are an outsider with how the club operates or with decisions made or events planned. Every club meeting is open to every financial member so we encourage everyone to attend and have a say in the AWRC. If you are unable to attend, you can email or phone one of the committee members with any items you would like brought up.

The Benefits to You of Becoming A Part of The AWRC

The knowledge that you are part of a larger group of people with an interest in western riding and horsemanship.

The opportunity to have fun with your horse, to make new friends, to learn more about western riding & horsemanship and, did I say it already...have fun!!!

A Club website, a Club library, a calendar of events to take part in, a Club grounds (the Orari Equestrian Centre) with a sand arena and the chance to become as involved as you want in the running of the club & events.

We offer both single and family memberships. For more information about joining, email [email protected]


Map to the Orari Equestrian Centre

The entry is opposite to where Coach Rd meets Orari Station Road, just north of the Orari Racecourse... below you will find a map that is a Google Earth photograph map and also an interactive map, so just zoom in and out as needed. No excuses for getting lost now!


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